After years of being brought in and out of a loathsome state, with little hints of unimaginable bliss scattered along the way, the Creator brings man into the attainment of Elohim. I use the word Elohim, as Creator (Bore) never meant anything to me. I feel God or Hashem (one without name) has more weight, but it’s not quite accurate. Elohim more accurately translates to the Creating God than the Creator, or God the Creator. The Hebrew word for Elohim — in gematria (the numerical study of Torah) — , is equal to haTevha, Nature. Thus, God is Nature and God is in a continual state of creating, what Kabbalah describes as a state of bestowal. This is the state where one receives from Elohim in order to share his reception of light with the world.

Humanity has come into a state of development in direct opposition to bestowal. As the Torah knew over 3000 years ago, man’s nature is evil. Entirely evil, as man is always striving to benefit himself above anything else. In opposition with Nature, man’s nature is to receive pleasure at the expense of others. Nature, though it is perpetually changing and not perfect in a measurable way the way ecologists once assumed, it too is in its own state of perfection. It is in the exactly correct form for one to overcome his nature to find Elohim’s nature. You do this through years of overcoming your desires in an Assyria, a sort of minion of ten friends who follow the guidelines of Kabbalah. These ten friends become a microcosm of a Kabbalah group, whose achievements influence the other Assyrias.

Though Nature may take a seemingly chaotic form that cybernetics, climatology and ecology have failed to classify, let alone predict, it achieves its own balance. This is why we see ill effects of African animals like hippos taking reign of one of Pablo Escobar’s abandoned estates. This is why bugs become resistance to pesticides, antibiotics lose their efficacy when abused and the raping of the trees of rain forest is causing global warming instead of expanding the research of the medicinal properties of all the plants the place has been bestowed with. Rather than innovate within our means, we destroy with our desire for more. Governments, people, businesses and the markets themselves are operated on the assumption that people will choose greed at all costs. It’s kind of the Wall Street “greed is good mantra,” mixed with absolutist understanding of Ayn Rand and game theory.

The basis for the computer’s models are unprepared for things that have never happened before, making accounting for the majority impossible. Another problem with these models is that man does not act entirely in an easily measurable self-interest, it exists entirely in the will to receive pleasure, which manifests in men choosing the most pleasure with the least effort. These choices are not simple to measure.

For many this results in people doing things that seem altruistic, to garner respect or a natural desire. Only psychopaths exclusively receive pleasure from hurting others, but receiving pleasure at the expense of others is an attribute of humanity. Only highly developed people in corporeality often called CEOs, narcissists and sociopaths actually follow the model of self-interested game theory, but they are largely responsible for the systems that determine corporeal existence and live under the assumption that everyone else works in this manner.

There is another small group that works in pure self-interest. It is those approaching a spiritual degree. They actually see the world in such a black and white manner as the result of their desire to reform their selfish nature. Their goodness opens up pleasure in the ego. Only when this pleasure is intolerable, can they find the point of connection with the Creator to attain spirituality.

This is also why Nature cannot be measured or predicted. Much like nature, the form of bestowal is imperceptible to those who still exist in man’s evil inclination. However, spirituality can be measured as it exists in an entirely black and white form. All that exists in spirituality is darkness and light.

One can only come to spiritual attainment by being willing to die for it. This is because when one is able to overcome his nature, by coming to equivalence of form with Nature, he perceives the world in an opposite form. What once felt good in the will to receive will feel bitter in the will to bestow. What once felt like a burden, benefitting others above the self, will feel blissful. While people perceive weakness and humility as spiritual attributes, some situations call for the exact opposite. Since Elohim is strong and powerful, those who attain him must be as well.

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