Trump controversially “provoked” Muslims across the world by declaring what US policy has always claimed, that it recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Just five months ago Senate passed a bill 90–0 that Jerusalem would be recognized as Israel’s undivided capital. It has been a law since the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, that America plans to move its embassy to the nation’s capital Jerusalem. Clinton, George W. and Obama spent 21 years appeasing Palestine by not fulfilling the rule of law.

Unsurprisingly, as with every decision Trump has ever made, the press is calling him a lunatic for doing something that should not be the slightest bit controversial as it has been bipartisan policy for over two decades.

The only controversy about the decision is the blowback it incurs from Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (the Holocaust denier and financial architect of the Munich Olympic Massacre) and the terrorist organization HAMAS that just gave up rule over Gaza, but kept their weapons together intact. HAMAS is calling for a new antifada and for some odd reason Trump is called the aggressor. Did I miss the memo? Did United States policy change to “we DO negotiate with terrorists blackmailing us?”

The one counterargument to Trump’s decision to move the embassy and give Palestine authority over East Jerusalem is a flawed one. While many argue that if the Palestinians were handed over East Jerusalem exclusively that the peace process would be possible are ignoring the real aims of the PLA. They want to claim the entirety of the nation of Israel as their own, as they proclaimed when Jordan and thus Palestinian Muslims retained control of East Jerusalem until 1967. During this time (1948–1967) Jews were not allowed to enter the Jewish holy sites including the Wailing Wall. Today Jews can only enter The Temple Mount on specific Palestinian sanctioned times through one of ten gates and are barred from praying there as it triggers terrorist attacks. This is a site so holy to the Jewish people that some Rabbis bar people from entering it as it would corrupt its sanctity. Though Muslims can roam freely through Jewish sites, Israelis are entirely restricted from the Muslim holy sites. Just walking through East Jerusalem as a Jew is seen as a provocation.

These aforementioned points about holy sites reveal the complicated nature of the Israel-Palestine conflict. While the EU views it as a political conflict in reality it is a religious one. The paradigm that allows European leaders to side with Palestine is that they view Israel as an oppressive Imperial state when in reality Israel is a refugee state for the Jewish people, not only from Europe, but from Muslim countries that expelled Jews. Further, they are guided by the assumption that a two-state solution would lead to peace. Time and again every measure towards this process has only led to more terror. This is because the aim of the major Palestinian parties is the total destruction of Israel. I am pretty clear about this point in spite of HAMAS’s newly amended charter which no longer calls for the total destruction of Israel.

Without getting into the 1st and 2nd temples, King David’s unification of Jerusalem 2700 years ago and the 700+ mentions of Jerusalem in the Torah (as opposed to 0 in the Quran), Israel is an independent state. It is Israel’s right to choose its own capital, just as it is the right of every independent state in the world. Especially in the Middle East, where powers respect strength above all else, the most foolish thing Israel could do is stand down to the demands of terrorist organizations. The same is true for America. Trump is brave not to stand down to evil powers posing as oppressed peoples. Israel is clearly morally superior to the Palestinian Authority and not recognizing this, because of threats from terrorists is an assault on human dignity.


Jews Praying at the Wailing Wall, 1880


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