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Come enjoy an exciting workshop about the power of connection right in the heart of Tel Aviv.

WHERE: Dizengoff Center (Level -1 next to SuperPharm)

In our increasingly interconnected, complex digital world we find ourselves in bubbles that block out other perspectives. This workshop is designed as a method to learn to connect with others without biases and distractions. When we connect above our differences we can solve our problems and relearn what it means to be human.

This event is brought to you by The Arvut Movement in Israel.

Talks With Teens in Israel

Jesse is speaking with teens in Israel about addiction and how he found meaning in his life through the wisdom of Kabbalah. They asked a lot of questions and had a very powerful experience hearing about how Jesse overcame all the obstacles in his life.

Youth Programs in Israel

Jesse speaks to Jewish youngsters at Masa/Destination Israel in Tel Aviv and gives them a workshop about how to overcome obstacles in life and be good to others. Everyone had a really good time and Jesse handed out his book The Egotist to each participant.

Here is some feedback from one of the instructors:

“My name is Wendy Chernicki and I’m a coordinator of Destination Israel. We run long and short term internship programs in Tel Aviv.

I think that when people are coming to live in Israel for a few months or even when they make alyiah they are experiencing a lot of changes constantly and new emotions. Considering they are in a new environment and they are building new relationships I think that this workshop is a great tool to talk about what is it that we truly valuable and what will make us happy. Not less important is sharing the experience with other people and connecting with them in a deep level.

Arvut movement is organizing these workshops and we had the amazing opportunity of having them leading one for our groups.We had discussion circles about happiness in which each circle shared their feelings on different topics and we had interesting group exercises . It was a wonderful experience for me and our participants and everyone enjoyed it a lot.”