The problem with this election is not that Trump seems to have any of the traits of an effective president, it’s that he’s the most skilled candidate since Bill Clinton. Also on his side, is that his opponent is Clinton’s wife, a woman with the charisma of a turnip, could barely beat a crockety radical Jewish socialist.

The state of the country has gotten so sour that a political amateur has a realistic chance of taking the government’s highest office. This point has been brilliantly glossed over by Trump, but would anyone in his or her right mind do something so inane in the private sector? It’s about as absurd as naming an iPhone enthusiast the CEO of Apple. It’s absurd, even if the guy is a billionaire. Sure, this guy may have some radical ideas (hologram phone calls like in Star Wars and hologram Pokémon Go characters anyone!), but how would he have the wherewithal to implement them? Would he have any idea what is and what is not possible? By Trump’s proclamations, it seems as if he believes the president is a supreme dictator.

The disaster that is the Republican Convention is actually appealing to a populace that is fed up with the state of their country. Can we go a week without a mass shooting please? While Hillary doesn’t seem to be losing supporters to Trump, he seems to be gaining attention and support by doubling down on his Charlie Sheen-like proclamations of “Winning!” Before Melania came up to talk, Trump said, “We’re gonna win so big,” three times like only Donald Trump could, like he was seducing the audience in a tone that was both creepily sexual and endearing.

In Trump’s positive thinking reality, nothing that would embarrass a normal candidate applies. When the campaign is unable to secure a legitimate celebrity, ex-President or rising star in the party, why not throw out falling stars Chris Christie, Scott Baio, Antonio Sabato Jr., The Duck Dynasty Guy and the emotional cries of parents of children killed by immigrants? Who needs stars or enthusiastic party support when Trump is the biggest and most infamous celebrity in the world these days?

When a speechwriter decides to plagiarize Michelle Obama’s speech in what seems to be either as an act of laziness or downright sabotage, all Trump has to do is just pretend it never happened. The guy refuses to be on the defensive even in the face of abject failure. This is a candidate who laughs at logic in favor of emotional trickery, awakening latent racism and bullying.

While I’ve been criticized for calling Trump a reality TV star, the tricks he learned pumping up the musical genius of Dee Snider on Celebrity Apprentice have become the man’s most valuable commodity. He not only controls the news cycle, but he controls the narrative. There’s no way Clinton’s entourage, experienced in political tug of war, are prepared to fight someone who lives in the mire of conspiracy theories and doesn’t need evidence to illustrate illegal immigration, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, is the cause of all the world’s problems.

As an objective outsider (a very Pro-Israel moderate), I can’t think of Hillary Clinton without half-laughing at Trump’s name for her “Crooked Hillary,” and it’s ingenious to blame her for the heartache of grieving parents, just as it is to keep bringing up emails, Benghazi and, of course, Bill’s colorful sex life. Look at Donald Jr.’s jab that she “couldn’t pass a basic background check.” Trump has actually made it seem to his supporters that he is more reliable in foreign affairs than Hillary, because of a flub with her emails.

The recent trends of disunity in America are eye opening, sad, altogether emotionally arresting. The racial tensions are peaking, as is the threat of radicalized Islam in America and throughout the world. Everything seems to be hanging together by a thread. This is why I heard some liberals in Brooklyn say yesterday, “There are enough problems here. I know people are bothered by Obama’s foreign policy, but how does that affect me? It’s funny, but all that really matters to my Grandma is Israel. I think Israel can take care of itself.” While I sympathize with this position from the Brooklyn hipsters, as an American living in Israel, the survival of the Jewish state is of profound importance to me. I’m the type of American Jew who might vote against my party if there is jeopardy about a candidate’s full-scale support. However, Trump’s racism and flagrant off-the cuff nonsense, prevents me from considering his position on the subject.

The problem with Trump for Jewish voters and really all voters with a brain and conscience, aside from his contingent of neo-Nazis who actually shut down the RNC chat with anti-Semitic remarks, is that no one knows where he stands on anything. He’s a conman who says whatever is necessary to get elected. One might say this is true of every politician, but Trump’s lack of defined policies other than the wall and ban on all Muslims—which are profoundly disturbing—make him a very dangerous man. A man who looks like he will be elected President of the United States.

Hillary may be boring and impersonable, but she knows which country is which on a map. In such splintered times there is a temptation to follow the biggest bully who barks the loudest, but this is not at all what the world needs. As individuals, we need to learn to have empathy for one another instead of falling into the solace of irrational rage. The way this convention is going, Trump looks like he has taken hold of what people feel and connect to, but it would be unwise to let his emotional grip take hold. America deserves better.



Jesse Bogner is a twenty-eight year old author, screenwriter and journalist. His memoir and social critique, The Egotist, has been translated into four languages. In 2013, he moved from New York City, where he was born and raised, abandoning a decadent lifestyle chockfull of substance abuse, to study Kabbalah in Israel under Michael Laitman. Since then, his work on the subject has been featured in The Huffington Post, Shatterproof Addiction Blog, The Jerusalem Post and The Times of Israel. He is the subject of a forthcoming documentary for Larry King’s The Spirituality Network and is currently working on a post-apocalyptic Kabbalistic novel.

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