"Because we are aware that people are only a small part of a much larger super organism

it is clear that we must function as one, in a mutually responsible manner.

But since we cannot teach the entire world how to function,

we must influence the world by example.

The Egotist

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“This book is a powerful, and well written tale of recovery and discovering connection. Regardless of how spiritual you may see yourself to be, it is a must read for anyone struggling to overcome addiction, anxiety and re-discover themselves.”

– Kyle McDonald

“With this book, Jesse Bogner really distinguishes himself as a writer with a light, deft approach to handling sometimes heavy personal and philosophical questions about self-knowing, ambition, spirituality, and love.”

– Bosko Blagojevic

About the Egotist’s Jesse Bogner

Jesse Bogner is a twenty nine year old author, screenwriter and journalist. His memoir and social critique, The Egotist, has been translated into four languages. In 2013, he moved from New York City, where he was born and raised, abandoning a decadent lifestyle chockfull of substance abuse, to study Kabbalah in Israel under Michael Laitman. Since then, his work on the subject has been featured in The Huffington Post, Shatterproof Addiction Blog, The Jerusalem Post and The Times of Israel. He is the subject of a forthcoming documentary for Larry King’s The Spirituality Network and is currently working on a post-apocalyptic Kabbalistic novel.

Jesse demonstrates how connection is the true key to happiness in this lifetime in Tel Aviv.

Jesse's Thoughts
Sep 2017
Opposite Forces

The Creator is pulling us towards him whether we know it or not. The natural development of the world is in opposition to the Creator, but this opposition is the necessary obstacle to knowing Him. While the Creator like nature, is the force of goodness and infinite giving known as bestowal, humanity is pulled by the force of the ego. The ego is constantly seeking pleasure for itself, often in seemingly contradictory forms. Out of this desire to enjoy, one ultimately destroys one’s self and everything he or she connects with or comes across. Kabbalah teaches one how to invert this desire for pleasure into a desire to bestow, a Read more

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Sep 2017
Unconditional Love

We are naturally as humans drawn to certain people who influence our actions. Most people have about ten. We think we are guided by our own choices, but what determines our values is the guidance of who we respect most and who we are closest to. In modernity, these nine people irrespective of ourselves are in a constant state of flux. When I examine my own life, this list changes so fast I probably couldn’t accurately track it. My parents of course play a very large role in the group of ten. Some good friends who I thought were cool and had things I wanted also played a large role Read more

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Jul 2017
The End of Rationality and the System of God

Reason is entirely subjective. God is objective. When the greatest Kabbalist of the last four hundred years, Baal HaSulam, made the decision to look at Kabbalah from a purely scientific lens, he was living in a rational age. There was a fundamental belief that everything could be understood scientifically. The Soviet Union was a perceived threat to the global order, as they were determined to use analytical models to build a perfect rational society according to the philosophy of Karl Marx. Trotsky held a religious belief that rational models would heighten the mind and productivity of individuals until “the average person would be an Aristotle, a Goethe, a Marx.” This Read more

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